About us

Tailor & Thread is an online Menswear brand specialising in fashionable clothing and accessories but at lower than usual prices. 

Tailor & Thread was born to offer the highest quality fashion accessories to all gentlemen to give them the competitive edge that they seek in an ever changing modern environment. We understand that young men want to look at the top of their game, yet they can seldom afford luxury brands and high ticket priced items, this is why Tailor & Thread was created, our collections have been designed with the newest trends in mind, yet we are constantly keeping costs to a minimum meaning that anybody can afford to shop with us. 

Where are we from?

Tailor and Thread head offices are located in London United kingdom, this is where all of our customer service and administration happens. We have links worldwide with multiple countries although our primary business network is within the UK. 

Our central distribution network spans globally, we have distribution centres in Mainland China, Singapore, Estonia and the Netherlands. Below is a map of our distribution network which sends our parcels throughout the world following your order. 

1. Our head offices in London

This is where our company is located and where all of our admin and customer service happens, We manage our network seamlessly with our global warehouses and dispatch our items the fastest possible way dependant on where stock and materials are located. 

2. Netherlands Dispatch centre

This is one of our smaller dispatch centres where stock is held for timely dispatch, we have a network of staff who pick your orders as fast as possible and send out your parcels in plenty of packaging to protect your valuable goods. 

3. Estonia Dispatch centre

This is another of our smaller dispatch centres where stock is held and can be moved around to different fulfilment centres should demand change in different locations or can be shipped direct to our customers. 

4. Shenzhen Distribution Hub and manufacturing centre

This is where all of the manufacturing and product design happens, this is our largest distribution hub in our network and ships out the majority of our products, we also ship to our smaller distributions from here to manage stock levels more efficiently in each of our locations. 

5. Singapore Dispatch centre

This is our final Dispatch centre and is responsible for 30% of our deliveries, when our Shenzhen Distribution hub cannot keep up with demand we sometimes ship from our Singapore dispatch centre, This means that all customers regardless of demand and location can receive their products on time.